baseline statistics GmbH

Data Analysis, Statistics, SAS® Programming

Devoted to statistical evaluations of clinical studies, SAS-programming. baseline also supports market research data analysis.


Biostatistical Data Services Koch

Devoted to statistical planning and evaluations – in particular explorative statistical analyses. Long–standing experience in providing Biostatistical Services for Clinical Drug Development.

Diagnostics Engineering & Research GmbH

Devoted to scientific validation of diagnostic products (analytical systems, reagents, assays, point-of-care tests and other elements of medical laboratory diagnostics). Supports the launch of diagnostic products in the EU.

Prof Hess Medical Consulting

Devoted to consulting in all medical diagnostic subjects. Support for research, development, patent application, and marketing of biomarkers.

Synthon GmbH

Chemometrics Research and Application

Devoted to spectroscopic analyses with pattern recognition software (Artificial Neural Networks) with biomedical and microbiological applications.

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Medizinische Unternehmensberatung

Dr. med. Zuzana Herrmann

Devoted to multilingual medical writing, literature research, presentations, publications and translations in drug development and diagnostics.