bioMcon GmbH is devoted to the bio-mathematical and bio-statistical contribution in biomedical sciences.

Our conviction: a proper mathematical and statistical contribution to biomedical sciences in close teamwork with subject matter partners represents a key factor for enhancing the scientific value creation chain, ultimately for the best benefit of patients.

Our commitment: Our consultancy in studies, analysis plans and publications enhances the scientific quality and leads to a favourable cost/result ratio - our consultancy works as a value generator.

bioMcon main area of business: Consulting pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies in research, development and marketing.

bioMcon is located in Mannheim, Germany. It was founded after long-standing experience in clinical research and development in major pharmaceutical companies and in academic research. bioMcon is an associated member of the Heidelberg Technology Park.


Founder of bioMcon GmbH: Dr. Joachim Moecks, bio-mathematician

30 years of experience in various fields of statistics, biomathematics, and bio-signal analysis featuring a broad spectrum of biomedical indications.

Long-term experience in pharmaceutics/diagnostics industry (Boehringer Mannheim, Roche Pharma, Roche Diagnostics)

Safety reporting ISS, reports, publications (epoetin, CV-drugs, bone-metabolism)

Pharma marketing (epoetin data base analyses, bone drugs, oncology)

Diagnostics development and marketing, publications: CV-parameters, diabetics, bone biomarkers, sepsis, genetic biomarkers (IHC, FISH, qRT-PCR)

Personalized Health Care (oncology: capecitabine, erlotinib, pertuzumab, trastuzumab)

Experience gained in applied university research 10 y (EEG, neurophysiology, University of Heidelberg).

More than 50 peer review publications in statistics and subject-matter scientific journals.

Statistics Reviewer for major medical journals (European Heart Journal, American Journal of Cardiology)